The Sony XM Satellite Radio Receiver is the only XM receiver that allows one to enjoy satellite radio at home or in the car. Whether driving off to work or taking a road trip somewhere across the coast or cruising anywhere between, the Sony XM Satellite Radio Receiver transmits one-hundred digital radio channels of sports, talk, news, and music. And since it works with the radio system already installed in the car, it can be added with an easy -do-it-yourselfer- setting up.

The Sony XM Satellite Radio Receiver size is just a little bigger than that of a radar detector; it can easily be pulled out of its docking cradle and stashed away in the glove compartment to avoid theft. Additionally, it can even be brought inside the house with an optional home gear that makes the change from car to home seamless.

Another feature of the Sony XM Satellite Radio Receiver is its two-line, blue backlit LCD monitor that shows a twenty-character precis of current program choice for station identification, artist’s name, song title, and time of day; the three-step backlight enables control for brightness intended for high visibility display at night or in dim lights.

It also has five presets, as well as a Sony Jog Dial navigator designed for searching and finding stations effortlessly. Other features of the receiver include a line out jack that connects the existing home stereo system or car head-unit; an eight-level contrast control that provides a wide array of contrast alternatives to improve viewing capability of almost all displayed image; and its wireless Remote Commander, controls every main function including channel/category search, power, display adjustments, and menu control.

The system comprises the receiver, RF modulator, car cradle stand, mounting accessories, and a remote control Remote Commander. An external antenna (sold separately) is also needed; and if you want the choice of being able to bring the receiver inside the house, the optional Home Accessory Kit is needed. The kit includes an antenna, audio cable, AC power adapter, home cradle, and home remote control (Remote Commander); the kite is separately sold. Of course, it also requires a subscription of $9.95 per month and a one-time activation fee to the XM Satellite Radio Service.

With the Sony XM Satellite Radio Receiver, along with the service of XM Satellite Radio, your listening experience may never be the same with the huge variety of content, coast-to-coast coverage, crystal clear digital-quality sound, and limited advertisements, as well as commercial-free channels.

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